23rd Annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference a Huge Success

Recently, the R&R Partners Foundation Employee Board agreed to coordinate a $1,000 donation on behalf of the Foundation to the 23rd annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference (LYLC). The LYLC empowers youth through the pursuit and completion of higher education, while emphasizing the importance of community, cultural and civic engagement.

“Going into the program, I felt confident in myself due to my grades at school, extracurricular programs and other organizations I’m involved in,” said Kimberlyn Mejia, a junior at Canyon Springs High School and aspiring attorney, who graduated from the program this year. “However, my experience at the LYLC was filled with more motivation and knowledge that only this program could have provided. I left with an understanding of how I can improve my future and how to be a hero in our community.”

As a participant in the LYLC class of 2000, Jennifer López, a senior public relations account executive at R&R, is also able to say firsthand that the program changed her life. And because of that, she’s been involved in supporting the program in various capacities for over a decade. This year, Jennifer was invited to serve as a speaker during the career exploration session. She proudly represented R&R and shared with the audience (90+ youth and community professionals) the amazing work that the agency does.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the LYLC,” said López. “It opened the door to many professional and personal opportunities. It’s my honor to represent R&R at such an important event where, undoubtedly, we connected with several youth who want to enter the field of public relations, marketing and advertising. I’m thankful the employee Bboard understands the value in investing in our future leaders.”

The LYLC would not be able to serve our Latino and Latina youth without the Foundation’s generous support. If you’d like to get involved in this important cause or have an incoming junior or senior in Southern Nevada who may be interested in applying to next year’s program, visit lylc.info.

Success for Grupo Posadas, Petalo

CMV/R&R in Mexico City, one of R&R’s nine North American branches, has enjoyed recent success with new accounts.

Gamma – Grupo Posadas, the newest hotel brand of the largest resort chain in Mexico, had a major challenge: Branding. But with the help of CMV/R&R, after two months of influencers helping position the brand and strategies for organic growth, the brand’s account interaction on social networks more than quadrupled.

Another recent campaign for Kimberly-Clark brand Petalo was a different challenge entirely. CMV/R&R had to communicate the most important and basic characteristics of toilet paper to help this Kimberly-Clark brand resonate with Mexico consumers, particularly mothers.

Petalo was positioned as everything a mother is to her children – Soft. Efficient. Resistant. The campaign, titled “In Everything, Just Like You,” speaks directly to the target audience: the women who want to give their families the best and most cost-efficient products.

The TV spots went on air and were posted on YouTube in March, and have more than 2 million views, exceeding expectations and providing a strong campaign for Petalo.

How we win … and what we won.

Saying we’re going to win for our clients, and ourselves, is easy. It’s the doing it part that’s hard. It takes talent, work, patience, perseverance, passion and a dogged refusal to settle for anything less.

We win by being smart. We win by getting smarter. We win with ideas. We win with creativity. And we win with hard work. So far in 2016, we’ve done a lot and we’ve won a lot.

Kneaders header
UMUC logo




Take a look.


Sometimes winning literally means winning. As in awards. This year, we’ve taken more than our share.

  • National ADDY − Boeing – Branded Content and Entertainment
  • Radio Mercury Awards – LVCVA National Finalist
  • District 15 ADDYs – LVCVA − 2 Gold
  • SNWA – 6 Gold, 2 Silver
  • Salt Lake City ADDYs – UTA − Radio Campaign of the Year
  • UTA – 2 Gold
  • Barrick Gold – 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 District Silver
  • Days of 47 Rodeo – 2 Silver
  • Utah Dept. Health – 1 Gold, 2 Silver
  • Utah Dept. of Public Safety – 1 Gold, 1 Silver
  • Phoenix ADDYs – R&R Self Promo – 3 Gold
  • Ford Vignale – 2 Gold
  • Las Vegas ADDYs – LVCVA – Judges’ Choice Award
  • LVCVA – 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze
  • SNWA – 5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Las Vegas Animal Foundation – 1 Silver

Plus numerous other national awards (Appys, Travvys, etc.) for LVCVA and Boeing.

The Evolution of Play: Topgolf Las Vegas


The Evolution of Play arrived in Las Vegas in May with the grand opening of Topgolf’s flagship location at MGM Grand. Topgolf Las Vegas boasts an entertainment complex with four levels, 108 climate-controlled hitting bays, two pools, live entertainment, meeting space and the patented Topgolf game.

R&R’s media efforts began in January with a recruitment plan to help it fill 850-plus positions. Using a multimedia strategy, the campaign helped generate thousands of applicants.

The grand opening media strategy was designed to reach both Las Vegas locals and tourists. Select media channels launched in mid-May as the venue opened, but the full multimedia approach went into effect in June with several high-impact, premium placements. Paid social posts were instrumental in delivering Topgolf’s teaser videos.

The campaign far exceeded some of Facebook’s key benchmarks, including cost-per-view, engagement and organic reach. Paid social media efforts will continue to be an integral part of the strategy as new content and assets become available – as evidenced by the celebrity traffic that it attracted during the recent Billboard Music Awards within days of its grand opening – Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Drake, etc.

In addition, the R&R team is already busy working on media support for Topgolf’s upcoming entertainment schedule to support ticket sales, as well as preparing to execute a visitor profile study via our strategy and insights team.



The Utah Department of Highway Safety hired R&R Partners to promote a simple—and commonsense—message during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Don’t drink and drive.

Over the last five years, there have been 23 alcohol-related crashes on St. Patrick’s Day, placing it among the top three deadliest holidays in Utah. The team at R&R Partners understood the need to create a behavior change among St. Patrick’s Day celebrators—seems like an easy task—but how does one take a decade-old message that nobody pays attention to anymore and re-say it in a way that changes behavior, especially during a holiday that has become synonymous with alcohol?

On the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, R&R launched the latest DUI prevention campaign with the help of statewide law enforcement and strategic partnerships with local bars and taverns. Uniformed officers and local actors dressed as living statues of the Saints of Sobriety, including: St. Haylor of Cab, saint of wise travelers; St. Cristyl O’Clearhead, saint of responsible drinking; and St. Alweis the Appointed, saint of designated drivers, stood outside entrances to bars/taverns, urging patrons to celebrate responsibly. Those patrons who pledged to get home safely received a coin from law enforcement, and when deposited in the statue’s hat, activated an interactive performance by the living saint statue. To assist in additional awareness, each bar also placed a stained glass display at their location to communicate the importance of sober driving on Utah’s roads.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.02.21 PM

Yes, it’s another obvious observation, but it’s also the key to R&R’s drunk driving prevention success. If people get so drunk that they can’t remember their names, how can somebody expect them to remember a TV commercial they saw last week telling them not to drink and drive? Instead, R&R Partners’ push to advertise as close as possible to the point of decision—that moment between when people finish their last beer and pull out their car keys—is vital to immediate behavior change.

In one day, a marketing investment of approximately $10,000 turned into nearly $100,000 worth of local media attention and roughly 1.3 million of news media impressions. And even more impressive is that for the first time, Utah had zero alcohol-related accidents or fatalities for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Trooper Lawrence Hopper from Utah Highway Patrol shared, “We wanted to find a way to drive down the number of alcohol-related incidents on Utah roadways, but do so without ending the good times and celebration. With the help of R&R, we not only reached our goal, but surpassed it, creating a community-wide movement that altered the way both patrons and bar owners think about holiday celebrations.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.01.46 PM

By partnering with local businesses, placing timely messages at the point of consumption, and creating innovative and creative DUI prevention messages, R&R Partners created a new best-practice in social norms marketing. For a message that hasn’t been newsworthy in decades, that you shouldn’t drink and drive, that’s pretty good.

We’re Only Here for the Beer

In 2015, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival brought in more than $84 million and attendees tweeted about it over 30 million times in the first weekend alone. Each year, the festival tends to outdo itself and 2016 was no different.


Guests soaked up the sun and pool time during the Las Vegas #WHHSH Pool Party at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, Calif.

Coachella has morphed from a three-day Woodstock-like getaway to a weekend full of brands, marketing and messaging with the music taking a backseat. Brands flock each year to Palm Springs to throw the best pool party, sickest celeb-filled event and have the most sought-after guest list. Each year, most brands fall short, but others are able to capture a majority of the media and conversation surrounding the two-weekend festival. Celeb sightings, party recaps and gifting reviews occupy most of mainstream media for 10 days, with each brand hoping to get a mention, and only three to four making the cut.

Kat Graham - Stacked

Kat Graham, star of The Vampire Diaries, visited the Las Vegas #WHHSH Pool Party on Saturday, April 16. She tried (and loved) #WHHSH beer, stopped by the Red Rock Resort braid bar, and caught up with pal, Joe Jonas.

Las Vegas’ newest campaign, #WHHSH, geared toward a digital savvy, millennial audience was primed for the Coachella landscape and demographic. But how were we going to speak to the Coachella festival goer in a way that resonated and aligned? Oh, and make sure we’re among the three to four most talked about brands in our freshman year? Beer, of course. The #WHHSH campaign had been exploring product creation and distribution as a way to “bottle the essence” of the brand and take it on the road. #WHHSH Beer, already in progress, was the perfect conversation starter for the media and attendees.

The event came together as a two-day resort takeover with beer leading the charge, but Vegas being represented in a number of ways. Property partners curated service cabanas necessary to Coachella survival; local restaurants curated festival-friendly menus; Las Vegas virtually came to life at the Vegas VR station; celebrity attendees graced the beer can step and repeat; and DJs and talent kept the party going in true Las Vegas fashion.

Brian Kelly - VR

Points guy Brian Kelly saved his travel points for the real deal and opted to test out some Vegas experiences with the Vegas VR app.

The event not only created an engaging experiential opportunity for guests in multiple ways, but also secured solid numbers in earned media and social engagement. With over 4 million social impressions, 2,000 uses of #WHHSH on social platforms and 76 million media impressions worth $8.8 million, the #WHHSH Coachella event made the list of best Coachella events in its inaugural year. Our team was able to use #WHHSH Beer to start, extend upon and amplify the conversations around Las Vegas.


Chart-topping sensation DNCE and front man Joe Jonas closed out a wildly successful weekend with an exclusive DJ set for partygoers.


Clever creative helped R&R position Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Commission as a nonpartisan, unbiased, official government agency that publishes neutral political information.

Voters have enough to think about when deciding among candidates and ballot questions. The process shouldn’t make the task more daunting. In Arizona, the Citizens Clean Election Commission has tools and resources available for voters to help them prepare for elections.

The question: How do we bring more awareness to the Commission?

R&R Partners’ research uncovered that Arizona voters are completely overwhelmed by the process of finding trustworthy research they can use to formulate opinions about candidates. Bias, hidden agendas and negativity were all cited as common hurdles.

The solution was to position Clean Elections as a nonpartisan, unbiased, official government agency that publishes neutral information about political processes and procedures, providing every voter with statements directly from the candidates.

Creatively, we depicted several alternatives to using information from Clean Elections – we see voters resort to flipping a coin and using fortune-telling devices like a paper finger fortune and a Magic 8 Ball. Producing creative that is the complete opposite of the types of political ads that would typically be in market – entertaining, voter-centric, humorous, simple to understand, quiet, honest and free of bias – drove the point home with voters.