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How to Harness the Full Potential of Your Data to Gain Insights or There are Truffles Down There Somewhere, We Just Gotta Sniff ‘Em Out


You’ve been in the meeting before. You’re sitting down with a client or your executive team presenting your work, showing your metrics and then someone asks the question: “So… what does this actually mean for us?”

As the volume of data available to marketers expands by the day fundamental questions persist. How do we move from reporting data to developing meaningful insights? How do we know what data to focus on and how to apply it? How do we calculate the impact of our efforts. How? How? How? The answers are forthcoming in this new piece by R&R Partner’s Marketing Analytics Director, Justin Gilbert, recently published in PR News.

Get the whole story on Actionable Data Analysis as published in PR News by R&R Partners’ Justin Gilbert here.