Author: Kweku Boafo, Director of International Affairs

From Vegas to Africa—R&R Delivers

From Latin America to Europe to the Middle East, R&R is a serious player in international affairs. We’ve helped build country profiles in both diplomacy and tourism. One area of the globe that particularly fascinates us is Africa. Why? Six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are in sub-Saharan Africa. Although the African market may not be on the radar screen of the majority of American businesses, it is on ours!

Recently, our Denver office, which has represented African nations during times of civil and tribal warfare, as well African presidential candidates, hosted an event that attracted the city’s top African leaders. The African Leadership Group works to advance the community’s political and economic goals while uniting the community to speak with a more unified voice. Knowing the importance of this community and the potential for Colorado to do more business in Africa, Colorado’s elected officials were quick to RSVP to this event. We proudly hosted:

  • Colorado Congressman Ken Buck
  • Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman
  • Former Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty
  • Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams
  • Colorado 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler
  • Colorado House of Representatives Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence
  • Colorado Chief Deputy Attorney General David Blake

R&R provided an environment where key members of the African business community could learn about the political process and understand the ins and outs of running for public office in the United States or in Africa. Many of the individuals we hosted have aspirations to run for political office, even president, in their country of origin. Once again, R&R proves that we not only represent global brands, but also international leaders who influence the world in which we live.

ALG 2015 19

President and Founder of the African Leadership Group Papa Dia addresses attendees at R&R Partners. Photos by Paul Doktor M.D.

ALG 2015 16

Kweku Boafo, Director of International Affairs at R&R Partners listens to Patrick Ssebikejje from African Leadership Group. Photos by Paul Doktor M.D.

ALG 2015 28

Attendees from the Colorado African Leadership Group gather together for a smile. Photos by Paul Doktor M.D.

ALG 2015 31
Congressman Mike Coffman smiles for a photo with members of Colorado’s African Leadership Group. Photos by Paul Doktor M.D.