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Social Marketing News 8/11/10

Here’s your weekly recap of recent Social Media News.

Google Wave waves goodbye. In a blog post last week, Google announced that it will no longer continue to develop Google Wave as a standalone product, citing low user adoption. Instead, Google will utilize some of Wave’s functionality in other projects and maintain some features as open-source code. The ill-fated online collaboration tool was extraordinarily innovative, however many users were at a loss for trying to find practical uses for the technology and how to integrate it into everyday life. This blogger was an early adopter of Wave and an outspoken supporter, however even I found the tool to be worthless when majority of my social contacts were not Wavers themselves. Google Wave had a lot of potential, but with so many existing technologies that allow users to share and collaborate already ingrained into our normal web habits (like email and social networks), there was never a strong enough need for Wave. Further, Wave was not an easy tool to adopt quickly: many users faced a large learning curve in understanding Wave’s functionality, and limited Wave invites at its launch presented a barrier to entry that may have stunted adoption from the onset.

Warm and friendly wins in social. Researchers from Relational Capital Group have studied the science behind making brands more people-friendly and offers strategic insight for social media. Chris Malone writes in a recent Ad Age article about  his team’s psychological study in perception and brand loyalty, and offers three actionable customer service strategies for social media. For more tips on how to connect with your audience in a warm and friendly manner, also check out 5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice from ProBlogger.

MySpace just won’t die. One month after its profile redesign, MySpace is rolling out a new homepage to provide users with more utility and better access to MySpace’s best features. The former social media giant is focused on growing its user network, which includes luring back users that haven’t signed in for years, and specifically targeting 13-34 year olds. The homepage redesign is available to some users in beta, and will be rolling out across all users by August 16. The most important addition to the homepage is the new MySpace Stream, which functions much like the Facebook News Feed providing a feed of friends’ activities, media content, and events. Screenshots are available from Mashable.

Social Media: Strategy

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Internet Trends

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Rachelle Maisner is an Interactive Producer for R&R Partners, and writes about social media at FiveFeetOfDynamite.com.

Social Marketing News 1/26/10

I’ve made a change to SMN that I hope will be helpful to you. Instead of listing news articles by source, I’ve listed this week’s set by topic. This should help bring a little more context to the list, and allow you to skim the headlines faster to find the news that most interests you. And as a bonus, it will improve my blog’s SEO. I would love to hear your feedback, let me know if this is better.

A pizza shop in New York has discovered how to generate a lot of social media buzz and sell more pizzas from it, without having any corporate presence in social media. Read about Crocodile Lounge and their strategy here. The key is to craft a compelling story that people will want to share. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but if you want social media to work for you, offer something of value.

Be sure to check your Twitter stream this Wednesday, as rumors have been swirling that Apple will officially announce the iSlate tablet, or possibly the iPhone OS 4.0. Other rumors have claimed that Apple will end its exclusivity with AT&T for the iPhone, and make the announcement at this event. The invitation-only Apple event is said to be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this Wednesday at 10am pacific.

I love the Intel ads. But I love Intel’s “Value Point System” even more. Developed with media agency OMD, Intel has developed a points system for website interactions that allows it to measure the effectiveness of its advertising.  This is web marketing genius, read about it here.


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Social Marketing News 12/28/09

Welcome to the end-of-the-year edition of Social Marketing News! Below you’ll find lots of links for reviews of 2009 and predictions for 2010.  These are just some of the ones that I believe are important- you can find many more at just about any news site that covers social media. Some bloggers say 2009 was the year of Social, others say 2010 will claim that title.  Either way, this is an exciting time for social media, and the new year promises to bring a lot of innovation and change.

With all of the new technologies and innovations that have been crafted for analyzing social media to date, this Ad Age article points out a simple but often over-looked metric: the shared link. Link tracking can reveal what is the most desired content of your website, who are your biggest brand advocates in social media, and what informational channels are the most influential. Here’s an eye-opener from the article:

While verticals and brands vary, upward of 20% of traffic to many websites now arrives via shared link, and this traffic is growing and valuable. Indeed, the shared link is emerging as the essential unit of measure, the increasingly relevant currency.

Just to touch on some of the biggest news this week: the FTC is investigating the Google/AdMob deal, the Apple tablet is rumored to debut in January, Pepsi has decided to fund a social media campaign instead of advertising in the SuperBowl,  and for the first time ever, sales of eBooks surpassed real books.

Happy New Year!

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