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Social Marketing News 12/21/09

I wish I came up with this term.  Guest blogger Judy Shapiro wrote about social media and building awareness at Ad Age, and describes creating “Content Campaigns” to help focus social efforts across multiple channels. What a ingenious concept. She writes, “This approach puts the value on content as an audience builder but in a very strategic way.” Be sure to check out the rest of the article.

Also from Ad Age, an awesome article about geo-targeted mobile marketing. If you need a quick primer on the key players in this field, Garrick Schmitt (a VP at Razorfish) has developed an informative who’s-who list, including Foursquare, Yelp, and Gowalla.

How would you like to rent movies from YouTube? The world’s largest video sharing site is in talks with major movie studios and is exploring a new paid subscription model. The service would be a new way of generating revenue, as YouTube currently makes its money through advertising. Get the details from this article at Reuters.

To many, online forums and bulletin websites are so 1990′s.  However, three ex-MySpace executives are currently working on a project called Gravity, which TechCrunch describes as an evolved form of forums and groups. Check out the article which includes a video of the founders as well as some screen shots. Gravity will be an important startup to watch. It’s not a direct rival to Google Wave, but it might have more utility than Wave to more users; and it’s not the answer to real-time search, but it may prove to be the closest solution yet, as Gravity is interest-centric and will provide detailed analytics on interests and conversations. Plus, the group has raised $10 million in funding. Read more here.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. My Social Marketing News gift to you, 5 Ways to Connect With Santa on the Web. Happy New Year!

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