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Monday Inspiration

Here is some interesting stuff from last week that will make you laugh, cry, scream, and think. Enjoy.

Inception inspired ad for Shaun White Skateboarding.  Really well done.

GE’s incredible interactive program centers on hospitals first then more.  This is what other brands should shoot for.

If Adidas made a camera this should be it.

Some great outdoor work.  And fun too.

Little Melting Men make a point about global warming.

Frank Miller goes Gucci.

Groupon kills it with Gap.  Is this the new way?  For now it seems, it is.

Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop is genius.  Here is some of his work, also genius.

This seems like a waste of money to me.  Lady Java.  Not a ton of imagination.

Flash mobs want you to boycott Target.  I didn’t think Target could do any wrong.  But they can.

Zubi.  A site that you must see.

I think Joaquin Phoenix’s movie will be great.  Or at least different.  

Puma glorifies the lifestyle athlete.

Chat Roulette is scary anyways.  Now even more scary.  

A great website to explore.  Watch out for oil.

Rolling Stone thanks the big fat record execs.  Long live rock and roll.

Avoiding the idea generation trap.  Good advice.

My interview on whohub.  It doesn’t make me special — you can have one too.  Let me know.  I will read it.

See you next time.

Friday Inspiration on Tuesday

Here are some of the things we talk about at the Friday creative meeting. Sadly, you get them on Tuesday.

The Coke happiness machine comes to life. Very much like an idea we gave to Zappos. Maybe they will do it someday. Click here to view

This shocked me for Yale. I thought they were smarter than this. Click here to view

Speaking of smart, maybe it’s overrated. Click here to view

Incredible packaging of the Star Wars Adidas. I might have to buy a pair for the shelf. Click here to view

The host of this show is the guy from our first Chinchilli Day spot. He keeps getting jobs with Chinchillas now. Weird. Click here to view

Creep for candy. Click here to view

Interesting movie involving nothing but logos and brand identities. Click here to view

A great idea I wish was mine. Books are back, sort of. Click here to view

Taking out the trash is the toughest part of Christmas Day. Click here to view

The films are the same but the posters are much better. Click here to view

We used to have a moustache contest at work. But we can’t compete with these guys. Click here to view

I love modern art. I also love modern art that makes fun of modern art. It’s a vicious cycle. Click here to view

As a good friend of mine says, for the rummys. Click here to view this one and click here to view the other one

When you are ready to throw it all away and become real again. I dare you. Click here to view

For an extra $20 you get to make a drug deal. Click here to view

Best use of outdoor by a scorned woman. Click here to view

And lastly, our new What Happens Here ad. Check it out. Click here to view

That’s all for this week. Keep your eyes out for the next inspiration but not on Friday. At least not this upcoming one.