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Social Marketing News 8/11/10

Here’s your weekly recap of recent Social Media News.

Google Wave waves goodbye. In a blog post last week, Google announced that it will no longer continue to develop Google Wave as a standalone product, citing low user adoption. Instead, Google will utilize some of Wave’s functionality in other projects and maintain some features as open-source code. The ill-fated online collaboration tool was extraordinarily innovative, however many users were at a loss for trying to find practical uses for the technology and how to integrate it into everyday life. This blogger was an early adopter of Wave and an outspoken supporter, however even I found the tool to be worthless when majority of my social contacts were not Wavers themselves. Google Wave had a lot of potential, but with so many existing technologies that allow users to share and collaborate already ingrained into our normal web habits (like email and social networks), there was never a strong enough need for Wave. Further, Wave was not an easy tool to adopt quickly: many users faced a large learning curve in understanding Wave’s functionality, and limited Wave invites at its launch presented a barrier to entry that may have stunted adoption from the onset.

Warm and friendly wins in social. Researchers from Relational Capital Group have studied the science behind making brands more people-friendly and offers strategic insight for social media. Chris Malone writes in a recent Ad Age article about  his team’s psychological study in perception and brand loyalty, and offers three actionable customer service strategies for social media. For more tips on how to connect with your audience in a warm and friendly manner, also check out 5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice from ProBlogger.

MySpace just won’t die. One month after its profile redesign, MySpace is rolling out a new homepage to provide users with more utility and better access to MySpace’s best features. The former social media giant is focused on growing its user network, which includes luring back users that haven’t signed in for years, and specifically targeting 13-34 year olds. The homepage redesign is available to some users in beta, and will be rolling out across all users by August 16. The most important addition to the homepage is the new MySpace Stream, which functions much like the Facebook News Feed providing a feed of friends’ activities, media content, and events. Screenshots are available from Mashable.

Social Media: Strategy

What Are Social Media Good For? Putting a Face to a Brand - AdAge

5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice - ProBlogger

What Facebook Questions Means for Marketers - Ignite

Looking Online to Verify Word-of-Mouth Recommendations - Brandweek

Hot or Not: E-mail Marketing vs. Social-Media Marketing - AdAge

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

RIM’s rumored ‘BlackPad’ tablet due in November? - Yahoo! News

The Dell Streak Shows The CE World How To Be Relevant In An iDevice World - CrunchGear

Social Media: Location-Based Services

HOW TO: Visualize All Your Foursquare Check-ins - Mashable

Facebook’s Foursquare competitor is imminent - cnet

Groupon + Foursquare = GroupTabs, Group Deals for Check-Ins - RWW

Digital Advertising

Google Rolls Location-Based Mobile Display Ads - Brandweek

Facebook, AOL quietly talking online ad hookup - New York Post

Twitter API to Get Ads Inserted, Revenue to be Shared With Developers - RWW

Internet Trends

MySpace to revamp site in aim to simplify - Yahoo! News

MySpace Launches a Revamped User Homepage [EXCLUSIVE] - Mashable

74% of Social Media Users Expect Cries for Help to Be Answered Within an Hour - RWW

Google & Verizon Propose Enforceable Net Neutrality - RWW

RIP Google Wave - Mashable

Twitter Still Grew 109 Percent In June, Fueled By Global Visitors – TechCrunch

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Social Marketing News 7/27/10

It’s baaaaaack! After a three month hiatus, I’m so very glad to be blogging again and bringing you my weekly Social Media News.

Facebook has announced that it has officially reached 500 million active, registered users. That’s roughly the total population of the European Union. To celebrate, Facebook has launched its own app called Facebook Stories.  Facebook is inviting everyone to share their own personal Facebook story with the world, aiming to capture hundreds of thousands of personal experiences, lessons learned, reunions and revelations. Read more about it here on The Facebook Blog.

Filmmakers are working on a Facebook story of a different kind: a full-length feature film called The Social Network. Mashable rounded up what the founders think of the flick, reporting that Mark Zuckerberg had shared some negative comments about the movie at the recent D8 Conference.

The big news on the Twitter front is a possible new feature called Tweet Media. Twitter hasn’t released any notices about the feature, but a mysterious new privacy setting found by some users has caused speculation. It is suspected that by opting in to Tweet Media, users will be able to post and view photos and videos within the Twitter stream. The addition of multimedia within Twitter will force advertisers to change their Twitter content strategies in a big way.

Ford made news this week by revealing the new 2011 Ford Explorer on Facebook, before revealing it anywhere else. The Ford Explorer Facebook page, sporting over 50,000 fans, includes tons of multimedia content surrounding the Explorer, including a sweepstakes. Check it out at

iPhone users rejoiced with news this week that the U.S. Copyright Office has made iPhone jailbreaking legal. What this means is that tech-savvy iPhone users can legally hack their phones to buy and use apps that are not sold within Apple’s iTunes App Store. Users should note that though jailbreaking is now legal, performing such a hack will void your Apple warranty. Also, jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking the iPhone, which is a hack to allow the iPhone to work with other carriers outside of AT&T.

Tweet Media

Twitter Begins Testing Inline Photos And Videos On Its Website - TechCrunch

5 Big Questions About Twitter’s Move to Multimedia - RWW

Twitter to Show Photos and Videos in the Stream [UPDATED] - Mashable

Social Media: Strategy

Bearhug Brings a Social Approach to Customer Service Management - Mashable

How to be the Life of the Social Media Party - ProBlogger

Old Spice Campaign Smells Like a Sales Success, Too - BrandWeek

5 Reasons Why Ford Continues to Kick Butt - ClickZ

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Flipboard Launches as the iPad’s Social Media Magazine - Mashable

Amazon Customers Now Order $1 Billion of Products Per Year via Mobile - Mashable

Federal Government Rules in Favor of iPhone “Jailbreaking” - DMW

Jailbreaking iPhone apps is now legal - CNNMoney

Social Media: Location-Based

Inside Street Food’s Social Media Revolution [VIDEO] - Mashable

Brightkite Takes Branded Badges to the Next Level - Mashable

Go On Your Own “Eat Pray Love” Journey With SCVNGR - Mashable

Foursquare Reaches 100 Million Checkins - Mashable

Digital Advertising

Majority of Consumers Use Social Networks to Inform Buying Decisions, Says Study - RWW

Ford Makes New Friends The Right Way, Revealing Explorer On Facebook - MediaPost

Kelley Blue Book Goes Social For Stickers – MediaPost

Twitter Sees Sizable Ad Business - MediaPost

Internet Trends

Why QR Codes Are Poised to Hit the Mainstream - Mashable

YouTube Looks to Compete in Music Discovery - Mashable

StumbleUpon: The Silent Social Media Success Story - RWW

Ask Launches Social Network To Link Search With Answers - MediaPost

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Social Marketing News 4/12/10

Twitter ads are here. Just launched last night, Promoted Tweets is a platform that allows advertisers to push messaging within Twitter search results. Twitter is expected to expand the ad system beyond search, one day allowing advertisers the ability to push paid tweets directly to user streams. User acceptance is critical, and Twitter has stated that branded messages will be “clearly labeled” as advertisements, according to AdWeek.

The Promoted Tweets vehicle isn’t the only new development currently brewing at Twitter. Recently, the micro-blogging service had acquired Atebits, the developer of  Tweetie for iPhone and Mac. This move signals a vital shift in Twitter’s evolution: Twitter will now compete directly with third party developers and produce its own proprietary software. Notorious as an open platform, Twitter couldn’t be what it is today without the programmers who have built over 70,000 applications that have made Twitter more accessible to many users. With dollar signs in their eyes, Twitter is bringing some of that development in house and is putting itself at odds other developers.

On that note, friction also continues to rise between Apple and Adobe. Hostility has reduced these multi-million dollar corporations to childish antics and name-calling. Read for yourself: Apple Gives Adobe The Finger With Its New iPhone SDK Agreement; and Adobe Flash evangelist: ‘Go screw yourself Apple’.  Can’t we all just get along?

Out with the old, in with the new. In the midst of ever declining market share, Palm is rumored to be looking for a buyer. News of the possible sell coincidentally come the same week that Microsoft unveils two new social media centric phones, Kin 1 and Kin 2. No word yet on whether Microsoft will pay royalties to Dr. Seuss for the names of the new devices.

Social Media: Strategy

How to Develop a Sound Facebook Fan Page Strategy: Step 1 - Ignite Social Media

Remember Google’s Super Bowl Search Ad? Now You Can Make Your Own (this is an awesome viral campaign)- TechCrunch

Twitter Launches A New Guide For Media Organizations – Tech Crunch

Yahoo Opens New Firehose of Social Media Data to Developers - Mashable

Zappos CEO on How To Deliver Happiness with Social Media [INTERVIEW] - Mashable

10 Essential Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers - Mashable

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Adobe Flash evangelist: ‘Go screw yourself Apple’ - cnet news

Verizon CEO: U.S. Tops in Cellular Service - PC Mag

Sharp to launch advanced 3D panels for mobile gear - Reuters

Palm Said to Tap Goldman, Quattrone to Find Buyers - Bloomberg

Next, a Kin: Microsoft to try new consumer phones - Washington Post

Microsofts Project Pink phones now official, known as “Kin 1″ and “Kin 2″ – TechCrunch

Digital Advertising

Yelp makes two major changes in the way reviews are posted - LA Times

Source: Twitter’s Ad Platform Launches Tonight – TechCrunch

Twitter Starts ‘Promoted Tweets’ Ad System – AdWeek

The Multi-Billion Dollar Question: Will Users Click on Twitter Ads? - Mashable

Into Hand: Jobs Unveils iAd, Says ‘Search Is Not Where It’s At’ - Media Post

Internet Trends

Google Docs Overhauled, Microsoft Should Be Worried - Fast Company

Tensions Rise for Twitter and App Developers - New York Times

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in Twitter twist - Reuters

The Real Reason VCs Think Foursquare Is Worth $100 Million – Business Insider

HuffPo Launches Separate ‘Twitter Edition’; More Focus On Real-Time News - Paid Content

Apple Gives Adobe The Finger With Its New iPhone SDK Agreement – Tech Crunch

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Social Marketing News 3/29/10

It’s iPad Week. The new Apple tablet will begin shipping this week, and iPad has been at the center of a media frenzy. The articles below are what I found most interesting in iPad news, including speculation about Apple’s mobile advertising platform called iAd, and rumors that Best Buy will stock the iPad later this week (if only a very small supply of them…).

In early February, Google announced a new endeavor to build an experimental fiber network and asked state, county and city officials across the US to respond to a RFI to be a part of the program. The selected communities would be eligible to become partners with Google in building the new broadband network. Everyday citizens were invited to participate by nominating their community for consideration. The deadline for responses was last Friday, and Google announced this week that they received over 1,100 official applications.  You can learn more about the project at Google Fiber for Communities.

Just when you thought you knew all the ins and outs of Facebook, Facebook changes something. This week, Facebook sent a memo to advertisers that “Become A Fan” will change to “Like” within Facebook ads and Fan Pages. The decision to change apparently comes from data testing “Like” buttons against “Become A Fan” buttons within Facebook ad units, in which users were twice as likely to click on the former. When this goes into effect, users that click “Like” on a Facebook ad will become a Fan of that advertiser’s Page and receive News Feed updates. There could be a very large backlash from users on this change (after all, there’s always some kind of backlash when anything changes on Facebook.) The question is, will users blame Facebook, or blame the advertisers?  See the memo from Facebook, or read this article from RWW.

iPad Week

MTV Developing ‘Co-Viewing’ Apps for the iPadAdAge

iPad Out to Prove Itself as Gaming Platform, but Will Users Play Along?AdAge

iPad App Store Preview Leaks: App CoverFlowFast Company

Apple posts up iPad Guided Tours… lots of Guided ToursEngadget

Best Buy’s iPad supply: 15 per

Apple’s iAd Could Bite a Chunk Out of Google’s Mobile Ad Business – Fast Company

Social Media: Strategy

Viral Complexity (a review of ROI from 2009′s most viral videos) – Brandweek

Social Media Boosts E-Mail MarketingBrandweek

Lessons From Leno and Twitter Bombers: 3 Rules for Next-Gen MarketingFast Company

The Two Most Important Questions in Social Media MarketingIgnite Social Media

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

This Is What Cars Might Look Like On Your Next KindleGizmodo

Android Devices Crave Google’s Attention - Wired

CTIA End-of-Convention Roundup: Android, 4G, and Even More AndroidFast Company

LinkedIn for BlackBerry Released [SCREENSHOTS]Mashable

Digital Advertising

What Type Of Social Media Ads Are The Most Effective?MediaPost

Apple’s iAd Could Bite a Chunk Out of Google’s Mobile Ad BusinessFast Company

Do You Like Us Or Like Like Us? “Become A Fan” Changing To “Like” On FacebookRWW

Internet Trends

Facebook Will Rule the Web During the Next DecadeAdAge

Google Receives More Than 1,100 Official Applications for Fiber Broadband NetworkFast Company

Gowalla + Foursquare + Brightkite + Yelp + Google Maps=Checkin ManiaFast Company

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Social Marketing News 3/22/10

I read about a really interesting study reported by ReadWriteWeb about influence and the number of followers you have on Twitter.  Per the research findings, the number of followers you have on Twitter is an almost completely irrelevant metric for measuring influence. Read the RWW recap here, and see the actual report here.

Facebook hasn’t formally announce this yet, but the company has began to send weekly emailed reports on Facebook page metrics to their respective page admins. These reports include only metrics that are currently available to admins, so the weekly reports serve more as reporting summaries than anything else. Read more about this story at MediaPost.

Apple began to accept pre-orders for the iPad last Friday, with the promise that the first iPads will be arriving in the first week of April.  Rumor has it that over a hundred thousand  iPads have been pre-ordered, and some are speculating that more iPads will be sold in the first three months than iPhones sold in its debut. With all the attention the iPad is drawing, some are wondering if an iPad Killer is emerging… could it come from Palm? Or from HP?

YouTube and Viacom are in the mists of a copyright lawsuit, which has revealed a few embarrassing details about both companies in recently unsealed court filings.  Among other interesting tid bits, Viacom had tried to buy YouTube just before Google’s acquisition was finalized. Read more of the story here.

Social Media: Strategy

Will B2B Companies Embrace Social Media in 2010?MediaPost

10 Essential Social Media Tips for B2B MarketersMashable

Making Social Media Connections, Budgets and ROI – MediaPost

The Million Follower Fallacy: Audience Size Doesn’t Prove Influence on TwitterRWW

PCH Unveils Sweepstakes Social Media Service For All – MediaPost

Facebook Starts Weekly Email Reports For Page Administrators – MediaPost

5 Things You Need to Know About Location-Based Social Media Mashable

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Palm’s phone sales slump and its stock divesAssociated Press

Smartphones not enough for carriers at CTIAReuters

‘iPad Killer’ May be Palm’s Last HopePC World

Digital Advertising

iPad subscriptions could boost mag circulationAssociated Press

Google: Dynamic Data And Social Features Can Save Display Ads – MediaPost

Google Maps Test Ads in AustraliaMashable

Internet Trends

WordPress Guns for Web Content Management DutiesPC World

Facebook News Readers More Loyal Than GooglersNews Factor

Nintendo’s Miyamoto wants Wii in schoolsTG Daily

Google Bringing The Web To TV? – MediaPost

Foursquare Adds Almost 100,000 Users in 10 DaysMashable

Internet Law

Viacom, YouTube air dirty laundry in legal battleAssociated Press

The juicy details behind the Viacom-YouTube lawsuitUSA Today

When Your Trademark Becomes the Key to Your Competitor’s Internet Ad – MediaPost

Google May Leave China on April 10Mashable

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Social Marketing News 3-15-10

Sigh. Guess what mega-huge interactive conference is happening right now in Austin? SXSW. Guess who didn’t get to go? Me… a social media blogger that blogs weekly on social media news, and I couldn’t be at the single most important interactive conference of the year. Yeah… It’s ok. At least I can pretend #fakesxsw.

(That’s “South By Southwest” for those of you who do not speak geek.)

Big News from SXSW

Universal Check-in App Confirmed: Brightkite’s Stealth Service - RWW

Big Changes Are Coming to Digg: More Power to Publishers, Less Power to Top DiggersRWW

Twitter’s New “At Anywhere” Platform Allows For Deeper Integration Into Third Party SitesTechCrunch

Sneak Peek: Rhapsody’s Upcoming iPhone AppWired

SXSW: Pandora in the Car Could Kill SiriusPC World

Foursquare and Rival Geo-Location Games Find Lots of Love at SXSWDailyFinance

SXSW Feeds

CMS Wire SXSW News and Articles

Wired SXSW News

Mashable SXSWi

Social Media: Strategy

9 Killer Tips for Location-Based MarketingMashable

Exploring Why Social Business Will Drive 21st Century EnterprisesSocial Computing Journal

4 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media as a CatalystMashable

Why User Competency Matters in Social DesignMashable

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

More Droids Sold In First 74 Days Than iPhones – Nexus One Sales Very SlowTechCrunch

PayPal Launches Revamped iPhone App, Teams With Bump For Phone-Tapping Money Transfers - TechCrunch

Digital Advertising

LivingSocial Raises $25 Million to Take On GrouponMashable

Hitwise: Facebook Hits No. 1 In U.S. – MediaPost

What Kind of Brand Associates With Chatroulette?: French Connection Offers Shopping Spree to Winner Who Hooks Up Using the Webcam Chat RoomAdAge

Twitter Expected To Take The Wraps Off Its Advertising Platform Today – TechCrunch

Internet Trends

How Twitter and Facebook Make Us More ProductiveWired

A Short (and Personal) History of Social Media: Why It’s Important to Consider the Boring Basics That Keep Things SustainableAdAge

Why Wikipedia Should Be Trusted As A Breaking News Source - RWW

5 Ways to Use Google Wave for BusinessMashable

Foursquare Hits 347,000 Checkins in a DayMashable

Reuters to Journalists: Don’t Break News on TwitterMashable

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Social Marketing News 3/1/10

March 1st brought joy to many Facebook users, a date which marks the end of Facebook app Notifications. Apps on Facebook are no longer able to send updates via Notifications, which are now reserved mainly for friend activity. Find out what alternatives app developers now have at this Mashable article.

Twitter and YouTube are also rolling out new features. On Twitter, the new “Be Found On Twitter” feature allows users to opt-in to share their email address and/or phone number, making it easier for contacts to find them. For YouTube, it’s a massive redesign that will improve the user experience by adding a video queue feature and improved playlist design. The redesign also includes the release of an AutoPlay feature, which will allow YouTube to be consumed more like TV, allowing the user to sit back and just watch one video after another in a push model rather than the current pull model. Find out more about these releases under the New Features heading below.

Have you heard of Chatroulette?”  The latest fad of social media, Chatroulette is a video chat service which will randomly pair you to another video conferencing user. It’s a bare bones interface with minimalistic functionality- basically just two web cam windows and a chat room. The site connects users to complete strangers, there is no way to control who will pop up on the other side. Some believe that Chatroulette will become as popular as Twitter, though it’s not the first interactive video conferencing site, and probably won’t be the last.  I don’t think Chatroulette will be able to go mainstream without significant investment and added functionality. If the interest continues to increase, there’s a good chance that established social networking platforms like Facebook will adopt video conferencing as a new feature, which may kill Chatroulette before it has a chance to get out of the gate.

Want to know how your brand compares to your competitor in social media? Try uberVu CompareA freemium social media comparison tool, Compare is a new product from uberVu that performs a side-by-side comparison of two brands based on their social media performance. It could be considered overly simplistic for veteran social media analysts, but this a great tool for a quick snapshot of social media presence.

“Crowdsourcing” is a still a hip buzzword. Grogger is a new platform that allows you to crowdsource your blog content. Mash together the words “group” and “blog”, what do you get? A “Grog”! For people that believe two heads are better than one, Grogger is an appealing tool that allows a community of users to write, edit, and vote on blog content. For more details, read the TechCrunch review.

New Features

Be Found on Twitter: Connecting Our Dots in the Social GraphRWW

Twitter Comes To YahooPC World

YouTube Redesign Keeps You WatchingRWW

Facebook to Say Goodbye to App Notifications on March 1stMashable


Did Chatroulette Just Launch the Interactive Video Conferencing Boom? - AdAge

Chatroulette, by the NumbersWSJ Digits

Social Media: Strategy

Most Super Bowl Ads Don’t Go ViralAdAge

Vitrue Adds Facebook ‘Wall Apps’ To Social Platform – MediaPost

Compare Social Media Performance Head-to-Head with uberVuMashable

Oh Yeah, Well I’m Going To Twitter You! – MediaPost

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Scribd Makes Push Into MobileMediaPost

Consumers Are Pushing Up Sales of SmartphonesYahoo! News

Digital Advertising

Measure the Web Like TV and Brand Advertising Will FollowAdAge

Sources: Twitter Ad Platform Quite Google-Like – MediaPost

Display Ads Stimulate Search, Confirms Eyeblaster Study – MediaPost

Internet Trends

Social Networking In Matters Of Life And Death – MediaPost

Grogger: A New Platform That Lets You Crowdsource Your Blog’s ContentTechCrunch

E-Cards Are Dead… Except on Mother’s DayRWW

Time Spent on Social Networks up 82% Around the WorldBrianSolis

How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student EngagementMashable

Facebook to Take 30% Cut of Developers’ Facebook Credits RevenuesMashable

Rachelle Maisner is an Interactive Producer for R&R Partners, and writes about social media at

Social Marketing News 2/22/10

It’s back! Social Media News has been on hiatus for a couple weeks, as my client work (and spending time with my Valentine) always comes first- but I am getting back on track with this week’s update.

In the social media sphere, change happens in a blink of an eye. While I was on break from blogging a lot of big things happened in this space, most notably the release of Google Buzz. The buzz about Buzz is that it’s Google’s latest life-streaming social media portal. Like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz allows users to keep in touch with friends and by sharing status updates, links, photos, and more.

Is Buzz a formidable threat to Twitter and Facebook? Maybe, but probably not. Buzz is integrated with Google’s email platform Gmail, and I’m guessing Google thought that would be a good way to gain immediate adoption en masse. But for many internet users, email use is in decline as social media use continues to rise. If Google had released Buzz two or three years ago it could have gained real traction, but unfortunately many would-be early adopters have already abandoned their Gmail accounts in favor of Facebook messaging (which is moving towards a full webmail service, code named Project Titan).

Also while I was off the grid, I missed a couple of birthdaysFlickr and Facebook both turned six years old this month.  That’s a pretty long time in Internet years; do you think they’ll make it another six?

Google Buzz

If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The PresentTechCrunch

Google Buzz: What It Means for Twitter and FacebookMashable

Google Will Ask Buzz’s Early Adopters to Confirm Privacy ChoicesWired

Google Buzz May Help Its Rivals More Than ItselfMediaPost


PayPal and Facebook Credits Will Play Nice After AllMashable

The Fun of Facebook MeasurementGilligan on Data

Facebook Moves Towards World — Not Just Social Networking – Domination -MediaPost

Social Media: Strategy

5 Ways Airlines and Hotels Can Drive Revenue with Social MediaMashable

HOW TO: Deal With Negative Feedback in Social MediaMashable

How Much Blog Would a Blogger Blog If a Blog Chucked Its Comments?MediaPost

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Official Twitter App for BlackBerry Looks Really Good – Mashable

Fashion Show Goers Purchased Clothes Straight From the Runway Using a BlackBerry AppGizmodo

Motorola Backflip Will Be the First Android Phone on AT&TWired

Digital Advertising

Online Video Gets an Ad ExchangeAdAge

Live TV’s Alive as Ever, Boosted by Social MediaAdAge

Pre-Roll Video Ads Still Hated, Here to Stay – AdAge

Beyond the Badge: Big Media Brands Strike Foursquare DealsAdAge

Internet Trends

How Social Media Is Changing the Super Bowl – Mashable

Walmart Buys Vudu, Jumping Into Online Movie Rentals – Wired

School District Halts Webcam Surveillance – Wired

It’s Official: Google Can Sell Power Like a Utility – Wired

Checking In, Checking Out [a great article summing up the latest location-based mobile/social apps] - MediaPost

Rachelle Maisner is an Interactive Producer for R&R Partners, and  writes about social media at

Social Marketing News 2/1/10

Apple’s iPad was the biggest news last week, drawing attention from every corner of the web. Within minutes of the announcement, hype turned into hysterics as the jokes started pouring in. Apparently #iTampon was the third most trending topic that evening. Many see the Maxi- I mean iPad as a huge threat to existing eBooks like the Kindle. I’m not so sure about that. Yes the iPad has a full color LED display, but one very important feature of a true eBook is eInk. This is a low res, black and white display with a low refresh rate that reduces eye strain, making the screen more like reading printed paper. To me the iPad is like a glossy magazine, but the Kindle is like a simple black and white novel. The bookworms that consume the most eBook content are going to stick with Kindle, and the iPad will appeal to people looking for a Netbook first, eBook second.

Interested in measuring ROI from your Facebook efforts? That’s about to become a little easier when Facebook rolls out its new conversion tracking tool. Facebook announced the upcoming feature at last week’s OMMA Social event in San Francisco. MediaPost embedded video from the discussion on this article.

Proctor & Gamble is officially in favor of social media marketing, embracing Facebook in particular and encouraging its brands to do the same. I found it interesting that in the article reporting on this topic, AdAge felt it was necessary to quote Ted McConnell, general manager-interactive marketing and innovation for P&G, with contradictory remarks from 2008. This one caught my eye:

“Who said this is media?” he said. “Media is something you can buy and sell. Media contains inventory. Media contains blank spaces. Consumers weren’t trying to generate media. They were trying to talk to somebody. So it just seems a bit arrogant. … We hijack their own conversations, their own thoughts and feelings, and try to monetize it.”

With this quote AdAge is perhaps trying to demonstrate a riff in P&G’s ranks, though the remarks were said over a year ago and I have the suspicion that it may have been out of context. Whether McConnell supports social media marketing or not, this is a great quote with a lot of truth behind it. We can’t treat social media as advertising, it’s an entirely different kind of game. Ignite’s Jim Tobin was on the same wavelength in a recent Web Trends episode when he said, “The web is the worst place in the world for interrupting people.”  I couldn’t agree more.


P&G Embraces Facebook as Big Part of Its Marketing PlanAdAge

Facebook Now Has Yahoo In Its Sites, Already Bigger In Pageviews (ComScore)Tech Crunch

Facebook Develops Conversion Tracking Tool: What’s A Fan Worth? – MediaPost

Why Your Boss Hates FacebookReadWriteWeb

Baby Boomers and Seniors Are Flocking to Facebook [STATS]Mashable


Does Foursquare Have A Douchebag Problem? - Tech Crunch

Will Foursquare’s Users Say ‘Bravo’ for Bravo?ReadWriteWeb

Social Media: Strategy

Web Trends Talks Social Media Marketing with Jim Tobin [VIDEO] - Ignite Social Media

MediaPost’s OMMA Social SF 2010 [VIDEO] - MediaPost

Social Media: Consumer Electronics

Apple IPad Charges at Kindle and NetbooksAdAge

Apple vs. Amazon: The Great E-book War Has Already BegunMashable

Firefox for Mobile Makes Its DebutMashable

AT&T Will Spend $2 Billion To Improve Wireless NetworkMashable

Digital Advertising

Study: Consumers Are Not Annoyed by Ads on FacebookAdAge

Why Most Digital Ads Still Fail to WorkAdAge

Internet Trends

Apple’s Tablet and the New Splintered WebAdAge

Proof the Splinternet is realGroundswell

Google Exec: We’re Here to Help NewspapersAdAge

Yahoo and the AP Reach a New Deal – But What About Google?ReadWriteWeb

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Social Marketing News 1/26/10

I’ve made a change to SMN that I hope will be helpful to you. Instead of listing news articles by source, I’ve listed this week’s set by topic. This should help bring a little more context to the list, and allow you to skim the headlines faster to find the news that most interests you. And as a bonus, it will improve my blog’s SEO. I would love to hear your feedback, let me know if this is better.

A pizza shop in New York has discovered how to generate a lot of social media buzz and sell more pizzas from it, without having any corporate presence in social media. Read about Crocodile Lounge and their strategy here. The key is to craft a compelling story that people will want to share. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but if you want social media to work for you, offer something of value.

Be sure to check your Twitter stream this Wednesday, as rumors have been swirling that Apple will officially announce the iSlate tablet, or possibly the iPhone OS 4.0. Other rumors have claimed that Apple will end its exclusivity with AT&T for the iPhone, and make the announcement at this event. The invitation-only Apple event is said to be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this Wednesday at 10am pacific.

I love the Intel ads. But I love Intel’s “Value Point System” even more. Developed with media agency OMD, Intel has developed a points system for website interactions that allows it to measure the effectiveness of its advertising.  This is web marketing genius, read about it here.


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