Indy status helps R&R Partners stay nimble, deliver international reach.

indy_helps_internationalMembership in an organization must be advantageous to both parties. One should reflect the thinking and aspirations of the other. For R&R, membership in Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI), the largest network of owner-operated, independently run advertising and marketing communications companies in the world, is like being friends with 80+ agencies, across 50 countries on seven continents.

We bring our strengths in tourism, moving products off of shelves and changing opinions in the political arena in exchange for a host of mutual benefits. Through our WPI partnership, we’re afforded a bigger, broader, global reach in terms of research, innovative services and real-time collaboration efforts. As our clients’ service needs go international, our partnership allows us to tap into a rich resource of viewpoints, experiences and cultural insights with boots-on-the-ground contacts in any number of markets clients might be considering. It’s like a kind of gut-check, clearer picture look of our client’s strategies and the media landscape wrapped up in a thing they call a home advantage.

Working closely with eight partner agencies across the globe on behalf of a number of our clients including the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and Western Digital, among others, we are able to deliver the quality of work, service and partner successes in a way that only a network of like-minded independent agency partners can. And it empowers us to consider new business prospects in categories and markets we haven’t yet explored.

As we grow, we relish our independence. With the flexibility to make decisions and change directions on a dime – unlike companies publicly held or limited by a board of directors – we are able to do the right thing for our clients, like quickly capitalize on a shift in consumer behaviors or more thoroughly and efficiently analyze a markets’ viability with the help of our independent network relationships.

Building upon and improving member relationships is one of the highlights for the organization each year. For 2014, Las Vegas was selected as the worldwide meeting site (we didn’t apply any pressure or wild promises). And what a meeting it was. Needless to say, it was one of their most well attended WPI conferences to date.

The meeting allowed R&R Partners to us showcase Las Vegas in a way that only we could, and introduce ourselves to members we hadn’t met and further develop our relationships and ties with the organization. We had the opportunity to host an evening cocktail reception in our Las Vegas headquarters for more than 100 conference attendees. We also were able to provide a little behind the scenes magic with a special Q&A session with one of Cirque du Soleil’s artistic directors following the performance of the extravaganza, Zarkana.

For us, the highlight of the evening was when we were chosen to receive the 2014 “Perfect Partner Award.” This Worldwide Partners award is given to partner agencies that receive perfect feedback from other partner agencies within the network. The award recognizes those agencies that are seen as progressive and innovative.

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